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Cupcake trees typically have a "topper" cake, a stand and cupcakes. They can include custom stands, "sleeves" wrapped around the stand and/or other embellishments. 
Basic cupcakes generally, are frosted and may be purchased just as seen in our store. You can also upgrade with an "add on". Add ons can be candy, small fondant items, dragees etc... See our pricing page for a better idea of what add ons may cost. If you are not sure if what you have in mind is an add on...you can always call us and we can help you.
Fancy cupcakes have more elaborate design elements on top, two dimensional designs. They vary in concept. Pricing also varies based on complexity. You can always give us a call or stop by the shop and we can talk about your ideas and give you more specific pricing information.
Really fancy cupcakes are three dimensional and have very elaborate toppers.
Here are a few examples of cupcakes with add-ons. There are many different types, including ones not pictured below.
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Really really fancy cupcakes don't necessarily look like cupcakes, but we put them in category. They can take on almost any shape.
Our cupcake stands are custom made to match your event. They range from very basic to extremely over the top. Stay tuned to this category as we will be adding new fun stands here soon.