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Our Classic Cakes are 8", round, They can be ordered in a variety of flavors and are valued priced for all of our clients. You can walk in to the store and purchase *select ready made classic cake slices. These cakes are pre-decorated according to their flavor but may be lightly customized when ordered in advance. 

*Available every day in-store, by the slice:  Carrot Cake | Ridiculous Chocolate Cake | Rum Cake | Red Velvet Cake | Red Velvet Cheesecake | Sweet Potato Cake| Rum Cake

Available by order: Butter | Chocolate | French Vanilla | Lemon or Lemon Chiffon (Light Lemon) | Marble | Raspberry Crush | Strawberry | Wedding Cake | Pink Raspberry | Coconut | Pineapple | Banana | Black Cherry | Red Potato | Pina Colada | Wiskey Bundt Cake  and others
$60 Traditional Flavors $65 Strawberry Shortcake Cake, Neapolitan, Ridiculous Cake, Rum Bundt Cake, Wiskey Cake
$4.50 each or 2 for $8
Prices Vary
Prices Vary
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$4.50 each or 2 for $8
cake pops | macarons | dipped oreos | pretzels | cookies | parfaits | pies 
Our "other confections" category includes parfaits, fruit tarts, pies, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, cookies (regular and decorated), dipped pretzels, dipped oreos, cotton candy and other seasonal items. Most of these items are by order but some are ready made in store. Please call for more information.