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$4.50 each or 2 for $8
$35 Buttercream | $45 Fondant
$6 | $8 | $10 per serving
8 inch Classic Cakes can be special ordered in other flavors listed on our cake flavor menu. Classic cakes serve 14 when cut pie style and 24 when cut event style. All Classic Cakes are $60 with the exception of Strawberry Shortcake Cake and Ridiculous Chocolate Cake which are $65. Fondant Classic cakes start at $85.
You can buy a slice of cake at anytime in our store. We have six to seven different flavors available daily and occasionaly have specialty flavors available.
​Smash cakes start at $35 for buttercream and $45 for fondant. These 4 inch cakes are typically used for birthdays for the little ones but can easily be used for any occasion. They can be customized and upgraded by adding all types of add ons. These cakes really are the cutest little cakes ever! 
Special order cakes are broken down into three categories for pricing.
Buttercream - $6 / serving
Buttercream cakes are any cake that has buttercream only (no fondant). They can be round, square, heart, oval, pentagon or paisley in shape.They may be multi tiered and upgraded 
with additional add ons and decorations.
Fondant - $8 / serving
Fondant covered cakes can be round, square, heart, oval, pentagon or paisley in shape. They can be multi tiered and upgraded with additional add ons and 
Sculpted - $10 / serving
Sculpted cakes are any cake that we have to carve to create. They can take on any shape and they must be covered with fondant.
*Cotton Candy​ 
Cotton Candy is not only a classic treat but it is available daily in our store. Choose from Blue Raspberry | Pink Vanilla | Pina Colada | Pure Sugar. $5 for 16 oz or 2 for $9.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate covered strawberries are sold individually and in packs of 6. We dip fresh strawberries in milk chocolate and accent them with a white chocolate drizzle. Prices based on seasonality of strawberries.

Some items are seasonal and not always available in the store. Please feel free to call to see if they are available.

If you are planning on placing a confections order please come in or call as soon as you can. Our calendar books quickly and we may not be available. We suggest placing orders (especially large ones) weeks in advance. We take all orders on a first come first serve basis.

$3 EACH | 2 FOR $5 | 6 FOR $15
$.25 | $.50 | $.75 | $1.00 EACH
$4 - $7 EACH
$10 EACH
Mini Pies $4.50 each 
Mini Pies are available by order although we frequently have Key Lime Pie. Sweet Potato, Pecan, Apple, Cherry are available in store seasonally.          

Parfaits $4.50 each or 2 for $8
Tiramisu, Banana Pudding, German Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Shortcake.
You can always find special treats available in our refrigerator. These items are also available for special events in large quantities.

Mini Cheesecake $4.50 each or 2 for $8 
Cherry, Strawberry and plain.

Mini Fruit Tarts $5.00 each or 2 for $9
Kiwi, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry

6 inch personal cakes are special ordered in all of the flavors listed on our cake flavor menu. Personal cakes serve 12 when cut event style. They start at $45 for buttercream and $55 for fondant. These cakes are perfect when dressed up - with any theme you desire. They also fit perfectly on top of any Cupcake Tree.  
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$45 Buttercream | $55 Fondant
$60 -$65 Buttercream | $85 Fondant
Party Cakes are 10 inch cakes that can be special ordered in other flavors listed on our cake flavor menu. Party Cakes serve 24 when cut pie style and 38 when cut event style. 
$85 Buttercream | $110 Fondant
Available everyday in our store…
*Wedding Cake,  *Red Velvet, Banana, 
*Black Cherry, *Lemon, *Chocolate, 
*Black Bottom,   *Crush,  *Coconut, *Mystery,  *Butter , *Red Velvet Cheesecake, 
*Birthday Cake, *Black Cherry,  *Snicker Doodle, *Cookies-n-Cream, *Sweet Potato, 
*Lemon Chiffon, *Strawnilla, *Strawberry Lemonaide

Available by order…
French Vanilla, Marble, Strawberry, Pink Raspberry,Chocolate Covered Strawberries        


Our fancy cupcakes have more intricate toppers and are available by order only. Take a look at our website to get an idea of what a fancy cupcake looks like.

Our really fancy cupcakes have either extremely intricate toppers or take the shape of something other than a cupcake (gift boxes, building blocks are a good example).They are available by order only. Take a look at our website for an idea of what our really fancy cupcakes look like.           

Pricing varies based on size, style, quantity, etc.Cupcake Trees are one of the most popular things around. You can really customize these to be perfect for any event, including weddings. They consist of a small cake on top (usually a six inch diameter cake), any type of cupcake that you would like and a stand. They vary in price based on style, size, etc…. You can always chat with a member of our staff to get a good idea on pricing.

Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Lemon Buttercream, Mocha

Cream Cheese, Raspberry, Strawberry

*Indicates items that are available in store everyday.
1/4 sheet      $50 + decorations     feeds 25
1/2 sheet      $100 + decorations     feeds 50
1/4 sheet      $50 + decorations     feeds 25
Minimum order of 12
$1.50 EACH 
Minimum of 12 
Sold in increments of 6
You can add cute candy or sugar decorations to your mini cupcakes to enhance their look or customize them. These ad-ons include letters, candy, edible images, various colored waffers and many other items. 

$.25 | $.50 | $.75 | $1.00 EACH
Our basic cupcakes come in white liners and have various candy toppers based on their flavors. They are available in multiple flavors every day in our store. You can add cute candy or sugar decorations to your cupcakes to enhance their look or customize them. These add ons include letters, candy, edible images, various colored waffers and many other items.

$2+each Basic Pops
$4+each Fancy Pops
$6+each Really Fancy Pops
Minimum order of 12
$2+each Basic 
$4+each Fancy 
$6+each Really Fancy 
Minimum order of 12
$2+each Basic (also sold individually in store)
$3+each Fancy 
$4+each Really Fancy 
Minimum order of 12
$2+each Basic
$3+each Fancy 
$4+each Really Fancy 
Cake slices available everyday in our store…
*Birthday Cake, *Carrot, *Neapolitan, *Rum, *Lemon,*Ridiculous Chocolate ​

Available by order…
Banana, Butter, Chocolate, French Vanilla, 
Lemon Chiffon, Marble, Raspberry Crush, 
Red Velvet, Strawberry, Stranilla, Wedding Cake, Pink Raspberry, Sweet Potato, Snicker Doodle, 
Coconut ​